NO LAND X is an stereoscopic film by Ulf Langheinrich in cooperation with Nadine Bors, which shows the history of the Oude Bildtdijk at the Wadden sea coast in the upper north of the Netherlands.

The starting point for the collaboration is the connection between the two ‘Heimatten’ – Oudebildtdijk and the city of Dresden, where both Langheinrich and Bors live.

Ulf Langheinrich has been making various works for years that deal with the inner landscapes, often with real landscape shots as a starting point.

Nadine Bors grew up on the Oudebildtdijk, a place that changes at any moment due to wind, water and light. The emptiness and beauty of this landscape has captured her forever.

public events

22.02.2019 || prestation of the making of NO LAND X at the Julianakerk – Aerden Plaats in Oudebildtzijl, with an introduction of the history of the Oudebildtdijk by Sytse Keizer

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thanks to

Gunter Neumann, Wies Noest, Lucie Homan, Herman Homan, Gelske and Ytzen van der Werff, Martin ter Schure


Ulf Langheinrich is a visual artist and composer. The existential dimension of his work is mainly concerned with non-narrative environments and performances focusing on a specific approach to time, space, landscape and body. Langheinrichs artistic work evolves from his specific interest, approach and research and results in a vision that he brings into (the audiences’) life. He visualises his visionary artistic image with great precision, patience and perseverance and it is time what summons him to drag this material apart until he finds the right one. What sound is concerned Langheinrich sees sound waves moving through the spatial volume. (In his creative production and his live performances) it’s like he navigates towards a personal counterpart that is to be transformed as reproduction.

In 1991, he and Kurt Hentschlaeger founded the Media-Art duet GRANULAR-SYNTHESIS and have realized for more than a decade a number of international large scale projects including MODELL5, NOISEGATE and POL. They exhibited and performed at the Museum for applied Arts ICA London, Hull Time based Art, MAK Vienna, Museums of Contemporary Arts of Lyons, Montreal and Seoul, The Stedelijk Museum, Kunstverein Hanover, ISEA Montreal and Liverpool, ICC Tokyo, Creative Time New York and the Austrian Pavilion at the Venice Biennial 2001. GRANULAR-SYNTHESIS received an Austrian state stipendium, a PS1 stipendium and the first prize of the International Biennial in Nagoya.

He also has been appointed to teach in the most prestigious schools in Europe (HGB University for Graphics and Book Design, Leipzig, FH Salzburg and Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains in Tourcoing), as well as in Australia (RMIT in Melbourne) and China (Hong Kong City University School of Creative Media and China University of Art in Hangzhou). In 2016 he was appointed Artistic Director of the festival CynetArt, based in Dresden.