NOLANDX/Ulf Langheinrich (DE), Credit: Ulf Langheinrich


NOLANDX is an audiovisual composition. Patterns synchronized in sound and image are organized along a cyclic basic structure. The image planes are the aesthetic nucleus of the work, along with algorithmically generated noise and lines as well as recordings of ocean waves. This referential source material is significantly transformed by slit-scan and other interventions on the time level – all time sequences are shifted. Everything is in a state of increasing transformation. The image and image-flow manipulations are like steep filters, not independent of the material fed into the filter, but significantly transforming it. The pictorial space appears gelatinous, sometimes crumbly, diffusely hyper-sharp, a pulsating, stereoscopically black-and-white space, glassy, dark. Qualities such as elasticity, viscosity, depth and temperature describe this space.


  • Audiovisual composition: Ulf Langheinrich (DE)
  • Time-gradient software: Nicolaus Völzow (DE)
  • Research software environment: Matthias Härtig (DE)
  • Research hardware environment: Dirk Langheinrich (DE)
  • Production: EPIDEMIC (Richard Castelli, Chara Skiadelli, Florence Berthaud) (FR), ART VAN BORS (NL), ARS ELECTRONICA (AT)
  • Supported by Landeshauptstadt Dresden, Amt für Kultur und Denkmalschutz (DE), Gemeente Waadhoeke (NL)
  • Thanks to Lucie and Herman Homan, Gunter Neumann, Jip and Wies Noest, Gelske and Ytzen van de Werff, Martin ter Schure

NO-LAND-X is an installation or performance based on nature imagery. A creation of 8K stereoscopic original images of an open sea situation.

For many years, Ulf Langheinrich has been producing various works that deal with an inner landscape, often using real landscape photographs as source material. Nadine Bors grew up at Oudebildtdijk 834 in het Bildt, a place that changes at any time due to wind, water and light. She has always been fascinated by emptiness and its beauty.

public events

  • 06.- 09.09.2019 premiere of the installation NOLANDX at ARS ELECTRONICA 2019 – Out of the Box to be visited at the Ars Electronica Centre – Deep Space 8K. Artist talk on Sunday, 08.09.
  • 22.02.2019 || Presentation on the making of NOLANDX at the Julianakerk, Oudebildtzijl with an introduction of historian Sytse Keizer.

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