ARTVANBORS develops content, supports and stewards infrastructures that maximises and diffuses sharing, experience and knowledge.

Our goal is to share – content and knowledge.
History which is generally understood as those aspects of the past that people remember and interpret to orient themselves over the character of temporal change and its impact on one’s present and future.


Since content itself is what the audience derives value from, we create content, give insight in artistic productions, produce projects or products and share knowledge. The goal characterises itself by versatility, resource efficiency and the integration of artists, customers and partners in both business and value-added processes. Therefore we take care of communication and dialogue between interdisciplinary partners to create strategies for content exchange and curation for the benefit of user-experience, production and distribution.

21st century art is our passion.
We see ourselves as partners and developers of art, artists and investors.
Let us design a new section of history together.

What do we offer you?
Consultation, production and presentation for business, industry and cultural venues. Financial services and artistic content strategies for artists.

How do we work?
In close collaboration with talented artists, ‘and their art projects drawn from exhilarating and amazing realms of artistic endeavour, they share the alchemy behind their artistic creation and the poetry of their artistic knowledge’, we have surprises in store.


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